Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ruby & lula and my disappearing days.

my husband has been away on business so i have been busying myself in the craft room. it's amazing how one can forget to do simple yet important things like eat dinner when left home alone with a huge pile of vintage fabric!. for the past few days i have been sewing so much that i start to get thirsty, look out of the window & realise it is dark outside!. anyway, enough of my rambling - meet ruby & lula.

ruby is a very talented banjo player & an avid chicken fancier. lula ran away to become a juggler in a circus troupe.

tomorrow the husband arrives home so i will be putting down my needle & thread to spend some quality time with him. i will hopefully manage to squeeze in a trip to the goodwill at some point. i really need to update the shop soon too. i am planning a new venture so it's going to take many cups of tea & a lot of concentration.....maybe it's something i will leave until monday unless i get a large amount of inspiration before then.....or if we get our promised snowfall that will render me stuck home!.


Heather said...

well, aren't these pretty little ladies! I didnt know you'd moved blogs...I'll have to readjust my blogroll! Happy 2010 and hope the husband makes a safe trip home~

little black forest said...

thank you heather!. i have had to change back to this blog as we are getting rid of our shared family domain. i like it here though!. husband is home safe & i have some wonderful gifts from disney world. only my husband gets sent to disney for work!. lucky man!.

Heather said...

He gets sent to disney world for work!?! What a lucky guy! So does this mean you're secretly married to prince charming? ;)

encore petite said...

Honey !
You almost lost me there ...
I didn't know you were back to Blogspot !
And a new Etsy shop, too ?!?
I really *was* in the space-time continuum I guess ...

>> You should bring back some nice posts from the other blog, don't you think ?

And, I love Lula's outfit ! Adorable !

x x x

little black forest said...

sweet m!,

yes, back here again. we got rid of our domain name (long story!) so i am posting here again. due to some glitches i lost my other posts but fully intend to make lots of new & happy memories right here!.