Thursday, January 28, 2010

i have a vision

well, it's more of a lifelong ambition & that is to have a garden that produces herbs, food & very pretty flowers. now that i have all of this outdoor space i have been planning where i am going to plant various things & what i actually want to grow. it has been years since i have had a garden & every time the weather gets above freezing i have been ridding the various plots of earth around the house from unwanted plants/shrubs/weeds in preparation for the time when i can plant seedlings & seeds. i have been trying to source as many heirloom seeds as possible & found a lovely etsy shop which i ordered from. the seeds arrived very quickly & came in very precious little envelopes with handwritten planting instructions. i don't know about you but i love the personal touch when i order something from etsy. i am sad to say that i am finding etsy a little depressing now. i purchased a few things over the holidays & really did not feel i got that personal touch that i yearn for when buying handmade. anyway, enough rambling, back to the garden!. here is 'plot one', situated directly under the craft room window & the front of the den. this will be home to the herbs. i want to grow everything from chives to lovage & pretty much anything i can will to grow for me!.

the first batch of seeds i ordered were actually not herbs ( apart from the chives ) but they are for 'plot 2' which is under the lounge window & 'plot 3' which is the side of the house. the seeds were purchased from and i highly recommend this seller!.

so that only leaves me with one more thing. a question. what are you excited about growing this year?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ruby & lula and my disappearing days.

my husband has been away on business so i have been busying myself in the craft room. it's amazing how one can forget to do simple yet important things like eat dinner when left home alone with a huge pile of vintage fabric!. for the past few days i have been sewing so much that i start to get thirsty, look out of the window & realise it is dark outside!. anyway, enough of my rambling - meet ruby & lula.

ruby is a very talented banjo player & an avid chicken fancier. lula ran away to become a juggler in a circus troupe.

tomorrow the husband arrives home so i will be putting down my needle & thread to spend some quality time with him. i will hopefully manage to squeeze in a trip to the goodwill at some point. i really need to update the shop soon too. i am planning a new venture so it's going to take many cups of tea & a lot of concentration.....maybe it's something i will leave until monday unless i get a large amount of inspiration before then.....or if we get our promised snowfall that will render me stuck home!.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

saturdays finds

ever since moving out of the big city & into the sleepy wilds, the charity shops have turned into the best places in the world. finding a bargain in the city never happened but now i squeal like a child every saturday morning knowing i am bound to find something fabulous for not much money at all!. last week it was the plank table which is featured in the photograph - yesterdays finds are sitting on it. this week somebody who had a penchant for pink kitchen things had cleared out their unwanted wee things & for that i thank you!. i was not leaving the shop without the large printed framed 'immaculate heart of mary' much to my husbands upset as he does not like it at all. i also found a 1909 copy of 'cranford' with beautiful illustration plates for 49 cents. i love old book smell & this is like having a mini bottle of it to inhale whenever i want!. all in all a good little trip to the goodwill!.

quite a lot of running around was done yesterday but i guess it's all part of having a new house. it is supposed to rain today but that is a good thing as i have three dolls that need limbs & clothing. i'm off to do some sewing!.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

a new year & a new direction

well hello there 2010!. i can already feel the magic that is going to happen this year. i am going to be using this is my main blog from now on, so please check back here for all the updates i will be making to my shop!. i am in love with making dolls right now. there will be many more & a shop update very soon but until then i here is.........i have no name for her yet!.