Sunday, October 28, 2007

lazy weekend

waking up to the rain yesterday was lovely, when the weather is not so great outside i know for a fact i will get on with some sewing inside. i also tried out a great vegetable chilli recipe from the lovely Door Sixteen - needless to say the entire apartment smelled fantastic & my dinner was the most delicious i have eaten in a long time. inbetween preparing & eating i made three new miniatures for my little shop. i will be updating either later this evening or tomorrow.

i am obsessed with little scarves so i am convinced that little hats will be making an appearance very, very soon. and on that note, time to find my winter hat & brave the chilly afternoon.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

grey thursday

it is a very grey & rainy day today with a perfect chill in the air. finally autumn has arrived!. the leaves had been clinging to the trees for dear life due to the recent unseasonal temperatures. i really have to do some sewing, i have so many festive ideas running through my head right now but i am so comfortable in this chair with my little dog by my side. maybe a pick-me-up cup of apple tea then to get on with creating.

I have managed to finish a wee little owl this morning though, her name is mistletoe & she is wearing a snug little scarf. something i must remember to do when i walk the dogs later on.

Monday, October 22, 2007

little black forest is home

welcome to my new little blog for my little black forest. i am certain myself & my little creations will be very cosy here, like sitting in front of a roaring fire wearing striped cashmere socks kind of cosy.

here are frost & rosehip which were added to my etsy shop today & on that note i am going to go & cook some romanesca & sit in the orangey glow of our halloween lights.

good evening.