Thursday, January 28, 2010

i have a vision

well, it's more of a lifelong ambition & that is to have a garden that produces herbs, food & very pretty flowers. now that i have all of this outdoor space i have been planning where i am going to plant various things & what i actually want to grow. it has been years since i have had a garden & every time the weather gets above freezing i have been ridding the various plots of earth around the house from unwanted plants/shrubs/weeds in preparation for the time when i can plant seedlings & seeds. i have been trying to source as many heirloom seeds as possible & found a lovely etsy shop which i ordered from. the seeds arrived very quickly & came in very precious little envelopes with handwritten planting instructions. i don't know about you but i love the personal touch when i order something from etsy. i am sad to say that i am finding etsy a little depressing now. i purchased a few things over the holidays & really did not feel i got that personal touch that i yearn for when buying handmade. anyway, enough rambling, back to the garden!. here is 'plot one', situated directly under the craft room window & the front of the den. this will be home to the herbs. i want to grow everything from chives to lovage & pretty much anything i can will to grow for me!.

the first batch of seeds i ordered were actually not herbs ( apart from the chives ) but they are for 'plot 2' which is under the lounge window & 'plot 3' which is the side of the house. the seeds were purchased from and i highly recommend this seller!.

so that only leaves me with one more thing. a question. what are you excited about growing this year?


Heather said...

This time of year always gets me thinking about plants! There are usually herb and plant shows in the spring too and its always fun to go to these and pick out new plantings. Good luck with all your gardening! my veggie bed was a bit of a bust last summer, so I'm going to go for an herb garden this time around...

andrea the pomegranates said...

very good belinda! so exciting to start something new like this. nat and i are still working on our 'new' garden space as well.
well, i'm off to check out that etsy seller!