Sunday, January 17, 2010

saturdays finds

ever since moving out of the big city & into the sleepy wilds, the charity shops have turned into the best places in the world. finding a bargain in the city never happened but now i squeal like a child every saturday morning knowing i am bound to find something fabulous for not much money at all!. last week it was the plank table which is featured in the photograph - yesterdays finds are sitting on it. this week somebody who had a penchant for pink kitchen things had cleared out their unwanted wee things & for that i thank you!. i was not leaving the shop without the large printed framed 'immaculate heart of mary' much to my husbands upset as he does not like it at all. i also found a 1909 copy of 'cranford' with beautiful illustration plates for 49 cents. i love old book smell & this is like having a mini bottle of it to inhale whenever i want!. all in all a good little trip to the goodwill!.

quite a lot of running around was done yesterday but i guess it's all part of having a new house. it is supposed to rain today but that is a good thing as i have three dolls that need limbs & clothing. i'm off to do some sewing!.

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