Sunday, November 25, 2007

little bat children

i am so busy with so many things, from gift buying, gift making, working, to sewing & cat sitting. i still have found time to introduce edgar the bat boy to you though!. i love him, his wings & the fact that many more bat children will be on the way soon!.

Monday, November 19, 2007

tiny yeti's, plush you, lentil soup & a rather short work week

it is so cold outside but sadly no snow yet, just rain. still, it is always good to make soup on a day like today so i am currently simmering some lentil & tomato soup which really did not look too good until i added a teaspoon of marmite. thank goodness for knowing the secrets of marmite - i have been eating it for as long as i can remember & upon moving to america i was so concerned about not being able to purchase it!. it is not difficult though, they sell it in many speciality stores & when friends & family visit i always request a big jar.....just in case i run low.

i was very honoured this weekend to be featured on plush you. you can take a peek here. it is always nice to be noticed.

i have two little friends to introduce. tiny yeti's or yeteenies as i prefer to call them. pocket sized, stocking sized little characters.

i am very lucky to have a one day work week. tomorrow is my first & last day this week.....this makes me very happy indeed as i can get some sewing done.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

not yet yeti!

meet my yeti. he has a friend who is currently under construction. i love the fact that he has an almost rod stewart hair do. i will be updating the store tonight so keep a look out for him!. he is so bright white & wispy....he also has a little bell on his scarf - the festive little jingle yeti!.

Monday, November 12, 2007

owl foresteers

i have some new little friends. owl foresteers!. i adore them & their little moose like disguises. their numbers will be growing very soon.

i just don't know where the day has slipped away to. it is almost dark outside. i have been so busy.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


i am feeling rather 'toasty' right now, toasty & warm. i have been busy listing new owls & sewing some darling new creatures for my little shop. i also have just finished a small bowl of the tomato & five grain soup i made today. it was delicious & so perfectly fitting for this very chilly november day.

it has felt like the longest week ever what with the clocks changing & the constant care i have been giving to my little dog all week. he is on the mend even though he spent the majority of the week looking like this

but onto the shop. i have managed a little update today with some new miniatures & a new large owl. hooray!.

have a toasty sunday !

Sunday, November 4, 2007

saturday night dog emergency

my little dog alfie had to be taken to the emergency hospital last night. he is doing much better & is at home now but he is in some pain which is simply heartbreaking. he had a ruptured abcess ( disgusting, yes ). he had to be heavily sedated so the vet could do what she needed to do & we were home & tucked up in bed by 2am.

this being said i have had not a minute to even think about sewing let alone do any so the shop update is not going to be happening until after the 10th but i will keep you informed. my number one priority is making alfie feel better, doing all of the things he needs to have done to him to get rid of any infection.

i hope everyone had a much more calm & relaxing weekend, now it's dark at 5pm & i find this all so comforting. i adore shorter daylight hours as it makes me feel more at home.

good night

Friday, November 2, 2007

oh i just could not wait!

normally i prefer to make a few little ones for the shop so i can list them all together, but today i was not prepared to wait. meet orland the watching owl.

i think he is adorable & just listed him in the shop. i am sure he will be followed by many similar owl friends.

so very late

i hope you all had a wonderful halloween, we certainly did here!. i always tend to decorate very early in october & then get sad, like this morning, when i remove the decorations. i always leave the gourds scattered around though....until they start to look rather sad.

the miniature owls have been flying out of the little shop just as fast as they flew in so expect a shop update in the next few days. i am working on some very special little ones right now & i can't wait to share them with you all.