Wednesday, February 3, 2010

where i work wednesday

i am a person who right now is lucky enough to craft all day every day, that is one of the bonuses of having major surgery a few months ago. probably the only bonus mind you. and i thought i would share with you a sneak peek of my craft room. i still have a long way to go with decorating & storage solutions but as soon as the weather is glorious i can open the windows & start painting!. that maybe quite a few weeks away though as we had snowfall last night & we are expecting a storm come the weekend. anyway, here is a little look at my desk which is directly under the window.

i try to keep my actual work surface as clear as possible as i find if my desk is clear i want to be in here more & doing what i like to do best - sewing!. i can't sew anywhere else, i am not one of those (lucky) people who are comfortable on the sofa in front of the tv sewing. if i did that my fingers would be riddled with pinpricks.

where do you craft?.


geek details said...

I love your desk area :) It's cheerful and not too much stuff on it.

I craft in my back living room. I used to craft in this room off my bedroom but I liked the back living room better. I have to paint too.

What color are you painting your room?

TheCluelessCrafter said...

Ohhh, a topic near and dear to my heart. Setting up a nook for myself (especially since I'm a newbie to the crafting life) was a bit emotional challenge as well as physical. Living in a New York brownstone has its space challenges, so I had to take that into consideration.

My husband and I share an office space with back to back work areas. I recently purchased a desk to begin using my first sewing machine. I wasn't inspired, though, because the walls were all white and there was exposed piping. I had a long discussion with my dear readers and they helped direct me.

It's been a journey, a rewarding one! I wish you so much pleasure as you go about healing and rejuvenating your space. If you want a link to what mine looks like now, I would be glad to share. I just don't want to post it right now, especially since it would be unsolicited.

Keep in touch!

Heather said...

i love seeing where artists work! Im glad you get so much time to make art, but sorry that surgery was the reason. Hope you're feeling better!~

little black forest said...

geek details - thank you kindly for your comment!. i love knowing where people craft. i am right now undecided if i am going to leave the room white or try something a little more adventurous. i did purchase some chalk board paint which i will be using on the inside of the door that leads to the garage. i am terribly forgetful at times & want to use it for all my to do/ to buy lists!.

little black forest said...

hi there lydia, thank you for your comment!. i would love to see your room!. i love seeing other peoples spaces. i completely understand the 'space challenges' as i too spent the last 7 years living in nyc with not very much space. we have only been in this new home since late october of 2009 & having more space is very daunting!.

little black forest said...

heather, me too!. i think it's because i am terribly nosey indeed! ha!. each day is a struggle with my healing but i put on a happy face & get on with it to the best of my abilities. i just keep telling myself it could be much worse.