Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10 things that make me happy

i have been tagged by the adorable mathyld over at encore petite to tell you about ten things that make me happy. so here we go........

one my little family which consists of my husband & my two fur children, cheyenne and alfie.

two visiting my inlaw's beach house. i love going in the off season when we have the whole beach to ourselves.

three blue eggs. i don't even eat eggs but when we are on our travels & find blue eggs i have to buy them.

four sheep. i will one day have one of my own. until then i have to visit the farm to get my sheep petting time!.

five the sunsets on the lake in front of our house. they are incredible.

six seeing in the new year twice every year. being a relatively new transplant to the united states i celebrate the new year at 7pm EST & midnight. it's always fun to call home before i am tipsy & wish all my friends and family a happy new year!.

seven cooking. i love to make soups & bake bread so autumn is my favourite time of year. i am so happy in the kitchen chopping & prepping. and of course i really enjoy the eating!.

eight alfie. or alfie elvis darling if we are going to use his full name. i love this little dog & he makes me happy every single day. when i was in the hospital last year i was beside myself without him.

nine my best friend catherine. my partner in so many crimes. we have known each other forever but still maintain a fabulous friendship across the thousands of miles we spend apart.

ten well, the many friends i have made through blogging & crafting make me very happy!.


encore petite said...

Yay ! Thank you for playing, I loved your answers :)

My mum had a pet sheep as a young teenager. Apparently he followed her everywhere. Even in the house !

Number 6 is so sweet !

And your pics of Alfie in disguise & Facebook jokes with Catherine always crack me up :D

x x x

Heather said...

Ah, I share your love for sheepies...I love goats ;) and aren't little furry buddies the best?

andrea the pomegranates said...

you are so cute belinda and i love your little kitcheny herby heart! so precious (and edible)!

Jill Bennett said...

Love all the photos youve included here. Know you are a kindred spirit

Mandy said...

Great Post..... and great list!!!

--- said...

we hope you like our project: a residence for illustrators and crafters in Spain

Courtney said...

Aw, those blue eggs are so pretty! I've honestly never seen blue eggs. They're almost too lovely to eat!

Neha Ramabhadran said...

hey, really love your blog here! Are you not writing here anymore? well, you should! love you dolls and their little stories.. very cute
I think your love for sheep and blue eggs is crazy!! :)