Wednesday, February 17, 2010

after the storm

things are getting back to normal since the storm. the tree has been tended to by the wonderful people at save-a-tree and we have a lawn again. it is still so bitterly cold so the snow is not going anywhere and the icicles are out of this world. like glittering swords. i have been spending quite a large portion of my days watching the birds visit the feeders in our garden. if this winter is anything to go by i can't wait until the spring birds visit.

i really must do some sewing this week. i have three dolls started but have been neglecting them due to all the feathered friend watching!. i do hope you are all keeping warm. pictured is my favourite recent visitor. which are your favourite garden birds?


Heather said...

What a gorgeous birdy! How lovely he looks in the snow. I am so ready for spring...will it ever come?

encore petite said...

I never saw a cardinal ... This red is incredible !

I tagged you ! Play if you wish, it's easy and quick : you'll be back to bird-watching in a 10 minutes or so :)

Details here :

x x x

Sarah said...

Oh wow. He's beautiful.