Monday, November 19, 2007

tiny yeti's, plush you, lentil soup & a rather short work week

it is so cold outside but sadly no snow yet, just rain. still, it is always good to make soup on a day like today so i am currently simmering some lentil & tomato soup which really did not look too good until i added a teaspoon of marmite. thank goodness for knowing the secrets of marmite - i have been eating it for as long as i can remember & upon moving to america i was so concerned about not being able to purchase it!. it is not difficult though, they sell it in many speciality stores & when friends & family visit i always request a big jar.....just in case i run low.

i was very honoured this weekend to be featured on plush you. you can take a peek here. it is always nice to be noticed.

i have two little friends to introduce. tiny yeti's or yeteenies as i prefer to call them. pocket sized, stocking sized little characters.

i am very lucky to have a one day work week. tomorrow is my first & last day this week.....this makes me very happy indeed as i can get some sewing done.


Annie Oakleaves said...

I cant wait to see what you sew.They always turn out so cute. You have me hungry for marmite and I dont know what it is. lol please tell :)

little black forest said...

thank you!.

well, marmite is a yeast extract product sold in england & it is great on toast!. it has a required taste so the tag line for it is "you either love it or hate it". i love it & it is great in soups to give it a bit of extra oomph.

i hope you are having a wonderful thanks giving!