Sunday, November 4, 2007

saturday night dog emergency

my little dog alfie had to be taken to the emergency hospital last night. he is doing much better & is at home now but he is in some pain which is simply heartbreaking. he had a ruptured abcess ( disgusting, yes ). he had to be heavily sedated so the vet could do what she needed to do & we were home & tucked up in bed by 2am.

this being said i have had not a minute to even think about sewing let alone do any so the shop update is not going to be happening until after the 10th but i will keep you informed. my number one priority is making alfie feel better, doing all of the things he needs to have done to him to get rid of any infection.

i hope everyone had a much more calm & relaxing weekend, now it's dark at 5pm & i find this all so comforting. i adore shorter daylight hours as it makes me feel more at home.

good night


Anna at D16 said...

Oh, Alfie!!! Poor baby!!! Give him kisses from me, I hope he feels better soon. xoxox

little black forest said...

i hope he feels better soon too!. right now he is not doing very well but i am taking him into work tomorrow for a re check with dr julie. he is so unhappy & it is breaking my heart. he wont poop & is incontinent. it's hideous - i feel awful for him :(