Wednesday, January 9, 2008


i took a little break from writing over the holidays, it was nice to have some time off & spend it quietly at home with my husband & the dogs. i have been working hard on the shop or more to the point preparing for a wonderful update in the next week or two. i have been working with some amazing vintage wool felt i purchased & i must say it is a dream to sew with!.

today is being spent sewing & waiting for a parcel to arrive. inside that parcel is my new desk lamp with daylight bulb so i can sew in the evenings with more ease & without my eyes hurting. i can't wait for it to arrive!. i am also drinking a lot of coconut chai tea with soy milk which is rather delicious.

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Annie Oakleaves said...

ooo i bet that wool feels nice and its such a great color. let me know how the bulb goes,my eyes and hands are always killing me. :)